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Mortgage Rates

Our Current Rates

Current Prime Rate 3.95%

Solid and Simple Mortgage Specials

(Rates effective 26-07-2019)
3 year variable rate (closed)
5 year variable rate (closed) 3.30%
1 year fixed rate (closed) 2.99%
2 year fixed rate (closed) 2.99%
3 year fixed rate (closed) 2.99%
4 year fixed rate (closed) 2.99%
5 year fixed rate (closed) 2.99%
7 year fixed rate (closed) 4.25%
10 year fixed rate (closed) 4.75%

All rates are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. These are residential rates and non-residential or non-owner occupied properties are not eligible. Rates may vary based on credit application and risk profile. Other rates and terms are available. Please contact your branch for more information about our rates and products.

Residential mortgage special rates are discounted and cannot be combined with any other rate discounts, promotions or offers. The rates indicated above are the contractual rates. For variable rate mortgages, the interest rate is calculated monthly not in advance and will vary with Island Savings Prime Rate. For fixed rate mortgages, the interest rate is calculated semi-annually, not in advance. The annual percentage rate (APR) shown for the rates above does not include any non-finance fees or charges that may be incurred in a mortgage transaction. These fees and charges will increase the APR. Non–interest finance charges such as appraisal, legal, land title, and insurance fees and charges vary by borrower and transaction and would increase the APR over the term. "Closed" mortgages have a pre–payment penalty. Advertised rate is subject to change without notice and approvals are based on credit application and risk profile.