Island Savings

Ding-Free ATMs

We believe you should have access to your money when and where you want it—ding-free. Our members have access to one of the largest Canada-wide ATM networks for free.

Lost or Stolen MemberCard®?

Simply call 1-866-955-8111
This service is available 24/7.


It's simple—no ATM surcharge fees

As a member, you can use your Member Card® debit card at any ATM displaying THE EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® logo, with no surcharge fees. If you're already the proud owner of a Simply Free Account®, you won't even pay an account fee for ding-free ATM transactions.

THE EXCHANGE® network is one of the largest full-service ATM networks in the province, including all BC credit unions, HSBC, and National Bank of Canada. This means that as one of our members, you can access your money when and where you want, without being 'dinged' with a surcharge. A surcharge is simply a fee that the owner of the ATM charges you for using their machine.

How large is large?

THE EXCHANGE® and ACCULINK® networks provide you with access to over 4,500 ATMs Canada-wide.


Member Card® features

  • ATM access

    • Withdrawals
    • Deposits
    • Transfers
    • Balance inquiries for accounts and credit cards
    • English and French language options
    • PIN change option
  • Chip card enabled
    An embedded microchip on your Member Card® debit card to encrypt information, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access the data on your card.
  • Point-of-sale purchases
    Safer than carrying cash and allows you to use your Member Card® debit card with retailer terminals to pay for goods and services on-site with ease.

Need a Member Card® debit card?

If you're a member and you don't have a Member Card® debit card, simply visit your branch and we'll be happy to provide you with one so you too can start enjoying the freedom of 'ding-free' ATM service.

Protect yourself

It is important that you protect the confidentiality of your Member Card® debit card Personal Identification Number (PIN) so that you are not at risk of debit card fraud.

®ACCULINK is a registered trade-mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.
®THE EXCHANGE is a registered trade-mark of Fiserv Inv., licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership.
®DING FREE & Design are registered trade-marks of Central 1 Credit Union, used under license.
®MEMBER CARD & Design are registered certification marks owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

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