Island Savings

Low Fee Chequing - BizSimple™ Account

This account is for you if:

  • you normally have a low amount of transactions per month.
  • you're a small business or home-based business owner.
  • you don't have time to visit a branch—you're too busy running your business.

$6 base monthly
account fee

Free business


Account Details

  • FREE deposits
  • Unlimited electronic transfers
  • Unlimited electronic bill payments
  • FREE online banking account statement plus eStatement
  • Rest easy knowing that your deposits are 100% guaranteed†

Plus, you can access and manage your business accounts 24/7 with our Business Online Banking services—use Business Online Banking if you need a robust online banking service or use Entrepreneurial Business Online Banking for your day-to-day banking transactions.


® Trade-Mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence

†The Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a statutory corporation, fully guarantees all BC credit union deposits. Credit Union equity shares and investments such as mutual funds or RSP equity plans are not covered by deposit insurance.


Monthly Fee
No interest paid for this account
In-branch withdrawal $1.00
The EXCHANGE® & ACCULINK® ATM withdrawal $1.00
In-branch transfer $1.00
In-branch bill payment $2.00
Interac® direct payment $1.00
Pre-authorized payment $1.00
Cheque clearing $1.00
Send Interac e-Transfer® $1.00
Request Interac e-Transfer® $1.00
Send Me-to-Me transfer $1.00
Interac® ATM withdrawal $2.00
International withdrawal $3.00

What You'll Need

Account Opening Checklist

Depending on what type of business you have, you'll need to bring the items checked off in the table below.

 Sole OwnershipPartnershipCorporation
Two pieces of ID*

Trade/Business Name Registration
(if applicable)

Partnership Agreement**

Certificate of Incorporation /
Notice of Articles /
Articles of Incorporation /
Share Registry

*Valid identification (one with photo) must be provided for each signor
**Partnership agreement or similar confirmation of the existence of the business


If you have a different type of business than the options we've mentioned above, that's fine. We can open an account for any type of business—just contact us to find out what you'll need to bring to open your account.


Ready to apply? Opening an account with us is easy!


Contact us if you'd like to apply for a BizSimple™ account —our approval process is quick and simple.

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